Yeeees, more of Sousuke helping Nitori is all I ever wanted


Yeeees, more of Sousuke helping Nitori is all I ever wanted


hyukkie being obliviously cute & then carried away by hae (▰˘◡˘▰)



cries a river and desintegrates



do u remember when u first found super junior and every time you watched the mvs you looked for a comment that had all the members names and which parts they showed up in the video and u were like o hell im not gonna be able to remember all of these


‘The Power of Hobutt’ | GOV ‘Breaking chopsticks with the butt’ game!!

120904 Show Camp Pre-recording - Hyukjae & Donghae fanaccouts


All translated into English by the wonderful and precious and omg Admins of NKSubs

♦ After the first pre-recording, Hyukjae went “Donghae’s drama recording is over” and fans screamed. Hyukjae went “Why scream? Do you hate it that much?” [HyukJae_OwO]

♦ Teuk went “Donghae is good at acting right?” and fans went YES! Hyukjae went “You know that famous line..”  and pretended to be Donghae. [HyukJae_OwO]

♦ As soon as Hyukjae said “I am Go Seungji!”, everyone laughed and Hyukjae got happy and kept makingn fun of Donghae. Donghae kept telling us to be quiet xD [HyukJae_OwO]

♦ Oppas stood in formation after calming down but Hyukjae imitated Donghae again. Donghae looked for who it was and Ryeowook pointed at Hyukjae. So Donghae motioned for Hyukjae to come while walking to him and Hyukjae ran away while he kept imitating Donghae xDD [HyukJae_OwO]

♦ Hyukjae kept running & Donghae laughed like he gave up. Hyukjae went in front of Donghae and said “I. Am. Go. Seung. Ji.” [HyukJae_OwO]